Because You're Worth It

More of a good thing is never enough. That’s why we at Imagicity always strive to provide only the best quality pixels at bargain rates. And we never rest easy. Our army of devoted developer [sic] has slaved for minutes on end to bring you the latest innovation that only care and craftsmanship can create.

From now on, the preview pages in both the Categorical and Historical listings will feature thumbnails that are a full 100 pixels larger than before. That’s a 50% size increase at no extra cost.

As always, we at Imagicity combine state of the art technology with a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship and care. Our pixels are individually nurtured to their full brightness in an environment that embraces diversity and self-expression, and only when they’re fully actualised are they selected for inclusion in our lush, vivid images.

Imagicity: We flipped that digit because you’re worth it.