Categorical Listing

The Road To Perdition Just Got Shorter

The categories below are provided in a more or less arbitrary order, and include arbitrarily grouped photos.

Note that this is a terribly incomplete listing of all photos on this site; it’s horribly out of date, too.

By Date

All photos by date
Latest – Photos from the last month and a half or so
Recent – Like latest, only more out of date

By Preference

Favourites – An arbitrary selection of the images that appeal most to me personally
Random – If you prefer, a completely random list of 10 of the 1000+ photos on this site. No preference whatsoever. The listing changes once every minute.


Fest Napuan 2010 – Images from Vanuatu’s favourite music festival.
Independence 2010 – Images from Vanuatu’s 30 year Independence celebrations
Youth Forum – Shots take during a forum on youth and the future of Vanuatu, part of Vanuatu’s 30 year Independence activities

By Theme

Iconography – Stylised images of religious and other taboo symbols
Landscapes – A listing of some of my landscape photos.
Nature – Nature shots from Canada and elsewhere
Portraiture – Mostly posed shots of people
Spring – Very stylised photos from Ottawa’s annual tulip festival

By Place

Country – Shots taken mostly in the countryside surrounding Ottawa, Canada
Town – Various shots in various cities
Urban – More decidely urban shots

Timor-Leste – Photos taken during a recent working holiday in Timor-Leste

Beograd – Photos from Belgrade, Serbia

Tanna – Photos taken on a trip to Tanna.

Lalwari – Photos from Lalwari village on Pentecost Island

Maewo – Images taken during my stay in Kaiovo village in Northern Maewo in November, 2005
Santo – Photos from a trip to Santo
Torba – Shots taken during a visit to Vanua Lava island in Vanuatu’s TORBA province in 2004

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